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South of Reason

"This tale of Southern intrigue and romance is charming, suspenseful and fun. The reader is treated to an entertaining excursion into life in a small town at the beginning of the last century. The bucolic setting is pierced through with corruption and violence. The protagonist manages to peel away a mystery and find justice by traveling across decades. Read it!".----  Amazon

Year of the Cat: The Thirteenth Realm (Book 1)






I enjoyed this book immensely. I loved the fictional Thirteenth Realm and all of the characters that acted within. The book is very nicely written and edited.  The two main characters Heron and Catriona were a lovely pair and I liked seeing their relationship and where it was going. Overall, it is a solid story that I would keep reading. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Fantasy novels or even anyone that like sociological elements/themes.--





                  Year of the Cat: Warning Signs  (Book 2)

This is the second book of Year of the Cat, which began with 'The Thirteenth Realm' and a very fitting sequel it is too.If you are looking for fast action and lots of guns, you won't find it here... Instead, you will find a slow burning, emotional, tear jerking,page turning journey. Cat's heart is pulled over the place, and her loyalties are tested to the absolute maximum.Ruarc is Ruarc, nothing changes - he does everything he can to control Cat and all relevant situations. Even to the point where he stops Heron from being able to help Cat due to the confounding and mysterious energy in the Fortress of Shadows. Ruarc doesn't get his ownway though, as someone close to him is helping to hide Cat's secrets. The fabulous intricacies and nuances in this book need to be read, savoured, and enjoyed, not explained in a review.I can't wait to read what happens to Cat,Ruarc and Heron, and what Cat's final decision will be. Loved it. ---  Amazon





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